Jodi Healy


Jodi Healy has a B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Education and for over a decade has been a self-employed entrepreneur, advisor, and investor. But her hardest and most rewarding job is being a mother of three young children.


Jodi grew up in a preschool environment with an Early Childhood Center


attached to her home, which her mother ran for over 30 years. Jodi spent her first 18 years participating in, helping, facilitating, and supporting the Center.


Jodi’s immersion in this field sparked her passion for early childhood


education, and she carried that knowledge into the raising of her children. While working to foster emotional maturity in her children, Jodi was frustrated that there were so few children’s books that mirrored a child’s real life adventures, exploring normal everyday experiences. This led to the creation of Jesse True, a normal boy with a “super power” that resonates with a child’s own experiences and emotions. Through her work visiting schools and libraries, Jodi has seen firsthand how strongly children identify with Jesse’s ability to change colors based on how he feels.


Jodi is passionate about expressing feelings, emotional intelligence, and is dedicated to teaching people how to recognize and use this power. Jesse True was created to teach children to begin to recognize their resonance, and learn the confidence to share it.


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